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Wax type: Soy


Florentine sachet is a natural fragrance based on beeswax and essential oils. Beeswax perfectly preserves flavors and is not lost in the sachet. It gives warmth, smells of summer, sun, field and herbs.

What would you use scented wax sachet:
If you hang the aroma tiles in the room - will feel a slight smell of essential oils and beeswax throughout the room;
Picking up the invigorating composition of essential oils and placing sachet on the desktop, you will get a source of good mood and high performance;
Scented tiles with soothing essential oils at the head of the bed will help you to quickly relax and fall asleep;
This is a great way to aromatize underwear in the closet;
Sachet looks interesting in the car, instead of artificial flavoring;
Florentine sachet can be used as an original element in the interior design, as well as decoration for the Christmas tree;
And, of course, it will be an unusual, beautiful and, moreover, a practical souvenir-a gift to all friends and family. Aromatic sachet made with your own hands, you can give for any occasion.

This Kit is perfect for beginner and who loves to create own scented sachets. This kit comes with everything you need to start making sachets.

Kit Includes:
1) 1 Wax Melting Pot
2) 1 Big silicone mold
3) 3 pcs small silicone molds
4) 500 gr of White Beewax
5) 500 gr of Soy Wax
6) 1 pcs spoon
7) 1 pcs twizers
8) 3 ml of Oil Wild Bluebell
9) 3 ml of Oil Freesia
10) 10 packs with dried flowers
11) 3 pcs of ribbons
12) 1 pack of eyelets

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