DIY 3D Geometric Candle Holder Tray Craft Art Silicone Concrete Molds Craft Molds Handmade

Size: Tray





The mold has smooth surface, no impurity, no black spots, no burrs, no air holes, exquisite handle, fine details and easy demoulding.
This silicone mold are for making: Candle Holder, Party decorations, Party favors for birthdays, Home Decor
Soft silicone molds:
High durability and flexibility.
It will stay in shape for many years.
Reusable, non-sticky.
Easy to use and clean.
Temperature: - 54 ° C to 240 ° C
SIZE is about: Candle Holder - 7.7*4.0 cm; Tray - 30.0*11.0*3.0 cm.
The package is include: 1 silicone mold. Color of mold: Random

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