Wax Melts - Strong Scented - Natural Soy Wax - Hand Poured Snap Bar (Cherry Blossom)


About this item

  • Luxury Wax Melt Snapbar from Creationtop. Price is for 1 Snap Bar. Weight of Snap Bar: 45 grams. Vegan Friendly & Against Animal Testing
  • Wax Melts have strong pleasant aroma and lovely colors. Use candle wax melts in candle warmer, wax burner, plug in wax melt warmer electric or wax cubes warmer with tea lights. You can choose your favorite scents, mix and match.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Our soy wax melts are handmade and we use natural soy wax mixed with high quality fragrance and essential oils. Soy Wax Melts: after heating will spread the pleasant fragrance into the air, strong aroma, creating comfortable atmosphere at your home.
  • PERFECT FOR: Everyday use, wedding, events, romantic dinner, aromatherapy, Spa, Reiki, Meditation and etc. IMPORTANT** **WARNING! Keep out of reach from children and pets. Do not move the burner whilst product is burning or still hot. Keep away from flammable materials and do not place where there is a draught. Never leave unattended. Please use wax melts with caution. Do not ingest, wax is not edible.
  • Package is included: 1 pcs of wax melts snap bar